Fivium is a dynamic IT company that works extensively with the UK, Australian Government and private sector.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes systems that are setting the benchmark globally within the industry. This includes everything from developing sophisticated cross-government solutions, tracking and licensing systems to simplifying complex workflow solutions.

Fivium's extensive global industry experience and knowledge ensures we provide the right solution in a rapidly changing environment. This coupled with our understanding of local markets and experience across a diverse range of industries, allows us to deliver and implement the right solution for your business.


Our diverse industry experience

We work across a diverse range of sectors including Health, Environment and Finance. Drawing from our wealth of experience and knowledge, we're able to provide the most practical solution that fits your business requirements.

Fivium use a unique technology with pre-built components that enables the creation of high quality, rapidly developed web based solutions. This allows us to fast-track development and configuration processes. Whether developing a new system for your business or adapting one of our existing applications, we're able to dramatically reduce time and operating costs.

Our approach

Fivium offer a broad range of services to support you through all stages of development. We can provide upfront and ongoing consultancy for your business as well as design, build, deliver, operate and maintain systems.

We're committed to establishing and building long term relationships. Fivium work closely with you to understand the best approach to achieve the right results. Once we fully understand your business objectives, we're fully committed to delivering a solution that will not only meet all your requirements but will increase overall business efficiencies and productivity in the short and long term.

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Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Approval and listing of medicines on the Australian PBS. Includes chemotherapy drug measures, price disclosure and calculator functionality.
Wildlife Permit System
Permit approval system for the process of the Australian wildlife trade permits, including monitoring of species under the CITES agreement
Department of Finance
Various government departments including the Department of Finance use our cross-government systems every day to interact with government bodies
Medicines Reconciliation
MedChecker is a new concept app that allows simple drag and drop medicines reconciliation for hospitals.
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