eCase - Correspondence and Case Management Workflow Solution


Fivium's eCase system is a highly secure and flexible Case Management solution that allows you to simplify and manage complex workflow processes across multiple departments and stakeholders.

  Automated case tracking in real-time


With its intuitive and easy to use interface, eCase allows greater transparency between your workflow processes. Users can create, manage, track, prioritise cases and get up to the minute status on cases in real-time.

  Greater flexibility and increased business efficiencies


eCase's integrated traffic-light system allows users to monitor cases with ease as they approach key milestones.

With its comprehensive tracking and reporting which includes a full audit trail, eCase allows you to update and record new requests, link together cases and manage your work load - all from one central location.

As eCase allows users to share and collaboratively work together, processes and decision making is greatly accelerated. Users can manage standard response templates and can circulate cases to collaboratively produce response documents.

In addition, case information can be entered and shared as appropriate, eliminating duplication of records.

  Search, sort and filter records


Using both basic and complex query options, eCase allows users to view a detailed case history and audit trail. Users can search by case reference, applicant name, date received as well as more complex searches, e.g. find all requests by MPs about wind farms in Q1 2010 that are due next week.

  Manage various case types including:

  eCase comes with the following features:


Data management

  • Attach documents, comments and web links
  • Capture and forward emails directly onto a case
  • Automatically upload documents and case summary information into document management systems
  • Create letter and campaign templates for frequent requests on the same subject

Searching and reporting

  • Retrieve, view and track progress of cases in real-time
  • Highly advanced search capabilities
  • Assign keywords to each case for reporting and case retrieval
  • Group cases together by enquirer
  • Built-in reporting system for management information
  • Auto generate Ministry of Justice quarterly and annual reports for freedom of information cases
  • Publish press release cases on a web bulletin board

Business workflow

  • Assign and re-assign an individual case officer to each case
  • Set response time objectives for each case type
  • Case tracking and traffic-lights to prioritise cases
  • Create tasks for other people

Security and auditing

  • Full user account and contact management
  • Highly secure web-based system - software accredited to UK Government Restricted Level
  • Full audit-trail for every case

  Customisable and easy to implement

  Built on an industry standard platform

  To find out how eCase can simplify and manage your complex workflow processes and for a complete online demo, contact us.
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