Fivium to provide ICON workflow solution to the Department of Finance.

Fivium is currently working with the Australian Department of Finance on an Intra Government Communications Network (ICON) workflow solution.

ICON is the federal government's high speed communications network allowing voice, data, and video transfer between departments within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It encompasses 150,000km of fibre connecting 400 government buildings and 88 agencies.

Fivium will implement a secure web portal to harness ICON Work Request management. This will establish a single source of information for all ICON associated maintenance management activities. It will replace email as the main medium to coordinate Work Requests between clients, service desks, ICON staff, and contractors.

Benefits include improved efficiency and transparency of Work Request tracking, enhanced reporting capabilities through the controlled capture of structured quality information, and improved decision support information relating to the management of ICON.

To find out more contact Fivium.

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