FOXOpen - Open Source Software
FOXOpen is an integrated Open Source application development platform. It enables the creation of high quality, rapidly developed web and intranet based solutions for business problems.

Streamlined regulatory processes

FOXOpen allows you to produce systems that streamline regulatory processes, from simple application forms to complex workflow systems. This incorporates multi level signoff through to the generation of digitally signed documentation. This enables you to convert your current paper-based processes into streamlined, cost-efficient secure systems - vastly reducing time and improving efficiency.

Out-of-the-box integration

Along with its pre-built components, coding is dramatically simplified and application development time significantly reduced. This means, rather than spending time on integrating several products for your applications, the FOXOpen solution provides you with out-of-the-box integration allowing you to get on with the business of developing the application.

Collaboration and transparency

FOXOpen provides collaboration tools allowing multiple users, departments or organisations to work on the same document, application or licence approval from a centralised system. Users can share information as appropriate and as the whole process is tracked, you can easily see the status at any point in the business process.

What you need

FOXOpen allows you to start from a minimal hardware configuration and scale up as you add more applications. You can get started with just one multifunction server or scale out to a separate database, application and web server as needed.

FOXOpen supports Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It also supports virtualization and is used in Cloud Computing environments.

FOXOpen comes with the following pre-built components:

Data capture
Online web forms
Scanning interfaces
File upload
Web services interface
Company and
Account registration and management
Security and authentication
Data encryption
Integration - Royal Mail and Companies House
Business workflow
Dashboard tracking
Email integration for reminders
Context based security and control
Distributed consultation and Review System
Secure document storage
Document cataloguing
Document retrieval
EDRMS interface
PDF generation
Digital signing
Template production and form formatting
Mail merge
Auditing and
Field level auditing
Flexible dynamic reporting
Customisable reports
Output to multiple formats

FOXOpen is used extensively by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) who have made it Open Source to allow others to benefit from this technology.

To find out more about FOXOpen contact [email protected] or go to
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