Round-up of the latest news.

February 2015 - Department of Finance ICON workflow solution  

Fivium is currently working with the Australian Department of Finance on an Intra Government Communications Network (ICON) workflow solution which will establish a single source of information for all ICON associated maintenance management activities.

5-7 May 2014 - CeBIT Australia  

We'll be showcasing the latest health and government solutions at CeBIT Australia this year. Visit our team at the UKTI stand within the international pavilion, at Sydney Olympic Park.

February 2013 - Australian Pharmaceutical Information System launched  

The Department of Health (DoH) launched the Pharmaceutical Consolidated Information System (PharmCIS) in February 2013. This will support the processes associated with the approval and listing of medicines on the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Developed by Fivium, the system incorporates enhancements including chemotherapy drug measures, price disclosure, price calculator functionality and support changes in policy and legislation. It will allow the government to track savings anticipated from recent policy reforms. As part of these reforms, it is expected to deliver $1.9 billion in health savings for taxpayers over five years through price disclosure and other price reductions.

October 2013 - Australian Wildlife Permit System launched  

Permit approval system for the process of the Australian wildlife trade permits launched in October 2013. Developed by Fivium, the system includes monitoring and protection of species regulated under the international CITES agreement.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Approval and listing of medicines on the Australian PBS. Includes chemotherapy drug measures, price disclosure and calculator functionality.
Wildlife Permit System
Permit approval system for the process of the Australian wildlife trade permits, including monitoring of species under the CITES agreement
Government solutions
Various government departments use our cross-government systems every day to interact with government bodies
Business in Focus
See how the Department of Finance has moved to a streamlined workflow solution
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