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Fully centralised UK marine licence system launched

April 2011


Fivium have implemented a centralised IT system that will support the UK marine licensing processes. The new system will enable far greater transparency for users and the public.

Fivium and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have successfully delivered a fully centralised system to handle the processing of new marine licences. The complete end-to-end solution has replaced the multiple licenses, processes and databases which were used to regulate a number of specific activities in the marine area.

The new system is a major improvement. The complexity and duplication which has grown over the years has been completely removed, significantly reducing the numerous processes and bodies an applicant has to deal with.

The new licensing system will accelerate the approval process for marine projects such as offshore wind farms, wave and tidal devices, construction (including renewables and removals) and dredging. The system will also enables users to apply for marine wildlife licences in order to mitigate circumstances where projects impact on local protected wildlife.

The whole process has been completely simplified. Applicants are now able to apply, pay and track the progress of their licence applications online as well as use interactive mapping to visually plot the location of their project. In most cases, applicants will only need to apply for one licence whereas previously they may have been required to submit multiple applications.

Over the coming year, the number of licence applications is expected to increase further as investment in marine development continues to grow. The MMO will handle the whole marine licensing process, from initial queries through to the pre-application, application, licence decision and post-consent monitoring stages.

Further enhancements and functionality including harbour orders, public register of licences and a public consultation process will be added, scheduled to be implemented at the end of 2011.

About Marine Management Organisation (MMO)

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) regulates the use of the seas around England. It was established in 2010 under the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 to deliver the UK government's vision for clean, healthy, safe, productive and biologically diverse oceans and seas.

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