Fivium provide a wide range of IT solutions to the public and private sector.

All of our solutions are based on best practice approaches, proven technology and the efficient use of tools and techniques. With our extensive business process knowledge and industry-specific expertise, our team can help determine what solution will have the most impact for your business as well as ensuring it’s fully integrated with your business strategy.

We’re totally committed to your success – working alongside you at each stage to ensure you maximise your business’s full potential. We can tailor business and IT solutions that are innovative, yet practical - designed to have the maximum impact.

Energy-saving technologies

Our energy-saving technologies are setting new standards in how businesses work. Increased efficiencies and cost reductions means greater benefits for your business and the planet. And with no additional ‘client’ software to install, there’s minimum disruption to your business.

Data Protection

Fivium complies with and takes very seriously the Data Protection Directives and Regulations. The protection of data, be it personal, government or commercially sensitive, is a critical concern for Fivium.

Our systems are independently classified to Government Restricted level and are annually audited and tested (including penetration testing). Fivium employs a comprehensive access control and security system that ensures only authorised users can access data and/or functionality. Secure connections are used to access our systems at all times.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Approval and listing of medicines on the Australian PBS. Includes chemotherapy drug measures, price disclosure and calculator functionality.
Wildlife Permit System
Permit approval system for the process of the Australian wildlife trade permits, including monitoring of species under the CITES agreement
Department of Finance
Various government departments including the Department of Finance use our cross-government systems every day to interact with government bodies
Rapid development solutions

Create high quality, rapidly developed web solutions with a feature rich suite of integrated tools and pre-built components.
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