Fivium use a technique called Rapid Application Development (RAD) to deliver solutions that really meet your needs. We’ll review your current business processes and functions and recommend how you can achieve greater business and cost efficiencies as well as productivity.

As we start to build the solution, we’ll show you each stage in the development and what it looks like - so you can see the actual solution developing week by week. This ensures the solution really meets your requirements, avoiding those ‘that’s not in the specification’ moments.

We work collaboratively with your key stakeholders producing end-to-end solutions that are aligned to your needs. We bring best practice Programme and Project Management expertise and Governance to all of our work to ensure we deliver what you need when you need it.

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
Approval and listing of medicines on the Australian PBS. Includes chemotherapy drug measures, price disclosure and calculator functionality.
Wildlife Permit System
Permit approval system for the process of the Australian wildlife trade permits, including monitoring of species under the CITES agreement
Department of Finance
Various government departments including the Department of Finance use our cross-government systems every day to interact with government bodies
Medicines Reconciliation
MedChecker is a new concept app that allows simple drag and drop medicines reconciliation for hospitals.
Rapid development solutions

Create high quality, rapidly developed web solutions with a feature rich suite of integrated tools and pre-built components.
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